Tree Service By Chris – your contractor in Fort Myers!

Is a tree in your yard giving you trouble? Do you need complete removal or just a trim job?

Whatever the case, Tree Service By Chris will take care of it!

Our Fort Myers FL based tree company provides premium quality tree services for all people in the region! Established in 2008, our business started to grow exponentially when folks found out about our incredible results. walk awayOur company is licensed and insured – making sure that your requests are completed impeccably and always in accordance with the schedule. Our tree contractor provides the following services:

- tree evaluation
- complete tree removal
- tree trimming and pruning
- and more!

May 09, 2013 by Simon Clarckson

Very professional company. They removed my tree very promptly. Their prices are good too! Recommend them!
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Tree Service By Chris
4443 Ballard Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33905
(239) 246-7012

As a renowned tree service provider, Tree Service By Chris possesses a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals that are more than capable of delivering the results you need – anywhere in Fort Myers FL. Our specialists will arrive on site, and perform a necessary evaluation – prior to any tree service they need to determine several important factors, that will provide insight into the planned procedure. Height, width, tree type and other characteristics come in handy, when it comes to servicing a tree – and we all know that without preparation, the chances of delivering proper results will be slim!

Trees do not harm us directly – they actually provide the much needed oxygen that we breathe. However, there are those special cases where a tree in your yard can grow in a pattern, where if not serviced, it will start to press against a house or garage. Road cleaning - cutting tree branchesIn that case, if trimming the branches does not help, we will cut that tree down – at the end of the day, people’s safety is our number one priority. From tree pruning to complete removal – just state your request! Our tree contractor is fully prepared to take on any task – without hesitation.

Tree Service By Chris advises all folks of Tree Service By Chris not to undertake a tree removal task by themselves. It’s an ordeal that can prove to be very costly for your household. Many people are convinced that they can complete such a task without the assistance of a professional tree company, and it does not take much time before they start to regret their decision. The common results of an amateur tree service include: minor and severe injuries, property damage and financial loss.

Our qualified specialists are prepared and equipped to take care of all your tree worries safely! We follow a list of safety rules that are always implemented in our work methods. Sometimes people do not need a complete removal – this is where our tree pruning services come in handy. The nature of pruning is to make the tree more healthy then ever – by cleaning it of weak or dry branches and leaves. This significantly increases the nutrient flow of the tree, and rejuvenates it over time while returning its fresh, green look . Get in touch with us now!

Our company offers all tree services at competitive rates – your budget will not be disturbed. If you call the number listed below, we will be happy to provide you with full information and insight into our services!

(239) 246-7012